Everything has changed after COVID 19, even the foods we eat. Thais have paid more attention to what they consume, changing the food trends completely. They also worry about the origins of the food and ingredients. Meanwhile, food and beverages are becoming increasingly popular. This article discusses the top 7 food trends in Thailand right now. 

Low Carb and Sugar Diets

People have gotten used to a healthy lifestyle through food during the pandemic. So, low carb and sugar diets will keep thriving. Diets are essential in reducing the risk of illnesses and Covid-19 related issues. A low-carb diet focuses on protein and non-starchy vegetables that aren't very starchy. People who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables with lots of fiber feel full longer than usual. 

Research has it that people who ate less starchy foods improved their emotional well-being. Diabetic patients also need low-carb diets to maintain their blood sugar levels. The reason is that starch is a complex carbohydrate. So, there is a lot of demand for gluten-free and low-carb products. Food and beverage companies are making more products that are gluten-free or low-carb. Restaurants are also changing their menu items to please people with dietary needs. 

However, most products come from the United States, Australia, and the UK. It's a good idea for US exporters to keep an eye out for growth in this market area. 

Cannabis-Infused Snacks and Drinks 

Only a few people know that we can consume cannabis. Well, yes, we can. Cannabis has many health benefits; it cures nausea, fatigue, and even nerve pain. However, the government didn't legalize it in Thailand until 2018. So, since cannabis got legalized, companies have started making cannabis-infused products. 

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Although starting a cannabis-related business is challenging. Understanding its laws and dosage is essential, as you won't want to sell harmful stuff. 

After some time, some elements of the cannabis plant were removed from Thailand's drug list, and foods have improved ever since. People now mainly use it for medicinal purposes, and they can also grow some for personal use. 

Many exotic weed strains exist, but not every strain is ideal for an individual. So, as a consumer, you should understand the best gelato cookies that suit you. Your choice of weed strain would determine the kind of drink or snack you'll accept at a restaurant or a friend's party. However, the drinks' labels promise that they can help you boost your mood, vision, and skin. They're also labeled with warnings about how to use them. 

Hybrid Products

A hybrid product is a new product that comes from combining two different existing products. It brings together functionality and new ideas. Hybrid items have features from many kinds of products. So, people can use them in different ways. 

Since most consumers in Thailand want to try new things, hybrid products are among the top food trends. Thais want to try foods and drinks that give them new experiences, like Coca cola and coffee. So, companies keep making new flavors of existing foods or drinks to meet people's desire for new eating experiences. 

An example is Été, a Thailand ice cream company that has developed a bubble tea ice cream. Thus, blending one of Thailand's most popular drinks with ice cream. 

Plant-Based Diets

 People who eat plant-based foods are vegetarians, and most Thai people practice this lifestyle. Plant-based diets include many types of diets that don't have a lot of animal products. 

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As people realize the benefits of plant-based diets, their trend will stand. And since the people in Thailand prefer to live a vegan lifestyle, plant-based diets have come to stay. 

Plant-based meals can be good sources of protein, and they look and taste like meat, but they are not. This makes them great for people who want a meat substitute that is tasty and healthy. 

Food Brand Collaborations

Most food brands and businesses love to work together. When they work together, they share media platforms and customer records. The main reason for this is to save money. 

Meanwhile, it's an excellent idea because it helps them get a bigger market and audience. It also gives them a chance to have new products. Most of these products are imported, and they have several health benefits. Further, Thai importers understand the current trends and are always looking for products to introduce to the market. 


Foods that can cope with the environment are essential for good health. Thai people are looking for food products that can meet specific environmental standards. Most Thai people are willing to pay more for food and drink products that don't use a lot of plastic or waste food. 

Herbal Drinks

Herbal drinks have become a trend in Thailand. They have proven to improve gut health and boost the immunity system. They have proven to improve gut health and boost the immunity system. Moderate drinking is good for most people, but drinking too much can have side effects. However, some people may have problems even at lower doses. All you have to do is understand the dosage that suits you. 


As the years go by, food trends might keep changing due to unforeseen circumstances. However, these listed food trends will be on-trend for a long time because they offer health benefits.