Talk about mountaineering and the snow-capped Alps, Andes, Rocky Mountains, and Himalayan peaks conjure up in mind. Many mountainous countries enable a vast range of outdoor activities like hiking, snowboarding, skiing, mountaineering, mountain biking, etc. 

To find out which are the world’s most mountainous countries, one must know what makes a country more mountainous than others. Is it just having the tallest mountains or having the highest percentage of land covered by mountains? Or is it having a greater area of mountains than other countries? There are different variables one may have to consider while deciding the best mountaineering countries. We simplify it by listing the top seven nations every mountain explorer must visit and explore. 

Mount Fuji

 brown and white mountain during daytime

Mount Fuji is an excellent peak. It is Japan’s tallest mountain and one of the most sacred places and popular hiking destinations. Around 200,000 peak lovers climb to Mount Fuji’s summit to enjoy the picturesque views, including the significant lakes and cities. 

Summer is the most popular time to visit the volcanic beauty of Mount Fuji. Depending on the year, climbers face difficulty levels when trekking Fuji. The slopes are physically challenging because of their length and incline. Consider a buying mountaineering and electric chain hoist for carrying load to help you relax summit climbing in the winter shoulder season and improve your mountaineering experience. 

Mount Kilimanjaro

 Mount Kilimanjaro, Mountain, Safari, Africa, Tanzania

Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest peak and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. It has three volcanic cones, two are extinct, and one is dormant and could erupt again. Uhuru Point, the summit, is 5,895 meters above sea level.  

The mountain’s snow caps are waning and maybe wholly ice-free within the next 20 years, as per scientists. Approximately 25,000 people attempt to peak Mount Kilimanjaro annually. Altitude is the most common reason mountaineers turn back. With the correct preparation and a good guide, you can climb the “Mountain of Whiteness.” Do extensive hill-walking or aerobics in the run-up to your Mount Kilimanjaro climb.   

The Himalayas

 green trees near mountain during daytime

The Himalayas, or the abode of snow, are the most beautiful mountains. It is also known as the third pole of Earth as it stores the highest amount of ice and snow after the North and the South pole. They are the epitome of magnificence, known for their soaring heights, steep peaks, valleys, and alpine glaciers.  

The Himalayan Ranges stretches to about 2500 kilometers and offers a sight. It is a must-visit on every adventure enthusiast’s list. If you are new to mountain climbing, take experienced travel guides to explore the Himalayas.  

Swiss Alps

 Mountains, Snow, Flowers, Valley, Swiss Alps, Alpine

European Swiss Alps attract plenty of tourists and are a favorite with mountaineers. Although Switzerland is the top choice for leisure and vacation travelers, most tourists visit the Swiss Alps for scenic trips, hiking, and winter sports. The Swiss Alps have some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. The mountain tops have heights that will crane your neck, and the beautiful, isolated lakes never want you to leave.   

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps, and the snow-clad Matterhorn is Switzerland’s most famous mountain. Many fans believe that the renowned pyramid shape in the Toblerone chocolate logo is inspired by Matterhorn.    

Mount Logan

Mount Logan is Canada’s tallest mountain, North America’s second-highest summit, and has the largest circumference compared to other mountains of the world. Mountain hikers can have a genuinely adventurous hiking experience in Canada, surrounded by dense jungles, iced rivers, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife.  

Because of the tectonic uplifting, Mount Logan continues to grow in height even today. It is easy terrain, but on the 5,000-meter-high plateau, air temperature hovers around -45˚C in the winter and reaches near freezing in summer. In January 2020, new rules for climbing Mt. Logan had been announced, which involves no solo expeditions, no winter expeditions, and an insurance policy for climbers. 

Castle Mountain

The Castle Mountain in the heart of the Canadian Rockies is one of the best mountains in the world, named in 1858 by James Hector for its castle-like appearance. This ski resort in Banff National Park gives you dreamy views and is a favorite escape for trekkers, mountain hikers, and photography lovers.  

Castle Mountain has a varied slope assortment and is an excellent choice for beginners and climbers looking for a long alpine route. It takes an average of 3 hours to complete the Castle Mountain hike.     

Mount Aconcagua

Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in Argentina, outside of Asia. It is 6,960 meters tall. Over 3500 people attempt to hike it each year. Snow and icy routes are a part of this mountain trek. Mount Aconcagua is one of the famous Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. 

The altitude and the weather are the biggest challenges to climbing Mount Aconcagua. Before climbing this mountain, consider hiking Mount Kilimanjaro to test your hiking gear and patience. 

Final Thoughts

Before climbing these famous summits, you must choose an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Also, get a fitness test done before leaving for the hills.