The Metaverse crypto world, a living, breathing space where the physical and the digital worlds merge, is rapidly moving from a science fiction dream to a reality with unlimited possibilities. A world where people interact virtually, create digital assets and exchange them for real assets, own digital land, use real digitized products and services, etc.    

Following Facebook's groundbreaking announcement on meta-branding, major tech giants recognize the viability and potential of meta-branding. Moreover, tech companies and entertainment brands like Disney have also announced their intention to enter virtual reality. 

Although the hype creates buzz, the average Internet user does not know what is Metaverse and metaverse crypto where to buy for easy access. This article will review a guideline to buy metaverse crypto seamlessly here.

What are Metaverse Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies or metaverse tokens are digital assets used in these immersive virtual worlds. In the previous section, we mentioned that blockchain is one of the technologies used to build the Metaverse.

The blockchain is important to enable a decentralized metaverse, but more importantly, it facilitates the transfer of value, as tokens are needed to build the economy in these virtual spaces. These tokens are created from established blockchain networks.

The Ethereum blockchain is one of the most common blockchains for hosting Metaverse, but it is unnecessary. A metaverse can also exist on a separate blockchain designed specifically to support a particular virtual world.

Cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse serve a variety of purposes within the ecosystem, including:

  • Transfer of value 
  • Control
  • Owner authentication
  • Other user functions in specific metaverses

In the next section, we examine some of the best metaverse cryptocurrencies to buy. We will discuss the value of these tokens for specific ecosystems and how to acquire them.

How to Earn Cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse?

There are several ways to earn cryptocurrency in Metaverse. Each Metaverse offers different ways to earn money, such as selling real estate, creating digital assets, selling accessories on marketplaces, offering services, organizing events, etc. We explain them in detail below:

Selling Land: 

The virtual real estate market is extremely lucrative, as land is sold for millions of dollars. Users can purchase land and sell it at higher prices to earn cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse. However, these prices are also subject to market demand. Therefore, it is important to remember that investing always involves risk.

Digital Asset Creation: 

Each Metaverse platform offers asset-creation tools. Tools such as VoxEdit allow users to create animated 3D digital assets to sell on Metaverse or secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Selling Props: 

In some Metaverses, users can access several unique props. For example, the Otherside Metaverse offers its owners unique artifacts they cannot create with 3D tools. Users can offer these artifacts for sale if they want to learn how to earn cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse.

Services Offered: 

You can offer different types of services on Metaverse. For example, if you are a 3D developer, you can offer to develop 3D environments for other users. 

Organize Events: 

If you have a space and can organize events, this can be one of the easiest ways to generate income for those who want to learn how to earn cryptocurrencies on Metaverse. You can charge an entry fee and get paid in Metaverse cryptocurrency.

What are the Most Popular Tokens in the Metaverse?

Metaverse tokens have been gaining momentum in recent months, and it doesn't look like they're slowing down. Following are some of the most popular Metaverse tokens listed on the Binance exchange: 

  • Decentraland (MANA), with a price of $2.21 and a market value of $4,013.91 million.
  • Axie Infinity (AXS), with a share price of $51.87 and a market value of $3,160.49 million.
  • The Sandbox (SAND), with a share price of $3.17 and a market capitalization of $2,932.42 million.
  • XANA (XETA), with a share price of $0.06219 and a market capitalization of $7,777,3340.
  • Vulcan Forged PYR (PYR), with a share price of $9.90 and a market capitalization of $236.58 million.
  • My Neighbour Alice (ALICE), with a share price of $6.84 and a market capitalization of $209.30 million.
  • Aavegochi (GHST), with a share price of $2.03 and a market capitalization of $125.52 million.
  • Darlania Mines (DAR), with a share price of $0.71 and a market capitalization of $87.78 million.
  • Terra Virtua (TVK), with a share price of $0.11 and a market capitalization of $76.76 million.
  • High Street (HIGH), with a price of $5.08 and a market capitalization of $62.49 million. 

How to buy the Metaverse cryptocurrency?

Learning Metaverse cryptocurrency where to buy is fairly easy. It requires some basic knowledge of how cryptocurrency exchanges work. Even if you've never used a cryptocurrency exchange, these steps are all you need to start buying:

Step 1: Register with a cryptocurrency exchange (Coinbase, Binance, etc.). 

Step 2: Confirm your payment details.

Step 3: Choose the crypto token you want to buy, check the current market price, and click "Buy." 

Cryptocurrency exchanges also offer other options. If you have other coins in your wallet, you can use your existing cryptocurrencies and "exchange" them for the Metaverse cryptocurrency of your choice. Many peer-to-peer exchange options allow you to buy the cryptocurrency of your choice from other users. However, most P2P participants trade the major cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. It is advisable to research your options to see where you can get a good deal and then invest in cryptocurrencies.

There are mainly two types of cryptocurrency exchanges, centralized and decentralized. Recently, decentralized exchanges have become very popular because they preserve the anonymity of their users. To do this, all links between the user and the transaction are cut, making the transaction untraceable.


The Metaverse has enormous potential to revolutionize our lives by providing a virtual environment that blurs the boundary between digital and real life. 

The development of metaverses has accelerated dramatically in the post-pandemic period, as online interactions have become the norm and the need for improved use cases has increased. Although Metaverse tokens are becoming increasingly popular, users should always inform themselves before buying or investing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Metaverse cryptocurrencies?

Users can purchase Metaverse cryptocurrency on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and others. Note that each platform has its form of cryptocurrency; for example, XANA has XETA, Sandbox has SAND, Decentraland has MANA, etc.

How can I earn cryptocurrencies through Metaverse?

Users can earn metaverse cryptocurrency in various ways, such as selling real estate, creating digital assets, selling accessories, providing services, organizing events, etc.

What is the best metaverse cryptocurrency?

Although there are many successful metaverse cryptocurrencies, such as XETA and MANA, APE has shown great potential. With the largest metaverse cryptocurrency in the market, XETA could be a good choice for investors.