To have a longer life, you need to keep your health in check. Although many diseases come with no warning, their causes may be due to your genes or family history that you don’t have control over.  

Notably, there are many health problems that you can prevent. You need to have the right preparations and make some healthy lifestyle changes. Some of these diseases include; 


Inflammation results from several reasons, including infections or diseases such as arthritis. Sometimes the inflammation may be severe and hinder you from doing your normal activities due to some of the signs like pain, heat, and swelling. You can look for various medications to try and reduce inflammation. CBD can serve several health benefits like reducing inflammation. Therefore you can purchase cbd products like THC from to enjoy this benefit; they are powerful like other vape gears. 

Besides, you can ask your doctor to prescribe you anti-inflammatory drugs to fasten the healing process. It will be best to inform your doctor you are also using CBD. Notably, you need to check state laws and regulations too.   

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Comorbidities of Obesity

Obesity is a common health issue affecting many people today. The disease occurs when you have a body mass index or weight ratio to your height greater than 30. Obesity gives your body a lot of stress resulting in several conditions or comorbidities.  

The extra weight affects your cardiovascular system putting you at risk of experiencing heart diseases or high blood pressure that may cause a heart attack or stroke. Notably, obesity can also result in poor blood sugar control, which results in type 2 diabetes. Other problems related to obesity are sleep apnea and recurrent hernia.  

To prevent obesity, you need to check on your diet. You should eat meals with vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. It would be best if you also exercise regularly. If you are already obese, you can opt for weight-loss surgery. However, you need to get authorization from your doctor for the procedure since not everyone is viable for weight-loss surgery. Notably, you need to take precautions before the surgery, like avoiding foods filled with cholesterol.   

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Tendinitis and Sports Injuries

Like diseases, many sports injuries occur with no warning. One twist in the wrong direction or a bad fall can damage your muscles, bones, or other parts of your musculoskeletal system.  

Notably, other causes of sports injuries are preventable, like over-exercising or failing to stretch. For example, you may get tendinitis by overusing your wrists, shoulders, or knees due to the swelling of your tendons. Therefore, if you experience any burning or swelling during your training, contact your doctor.  

Repetitive motions while playing sports can result in an injury, so it would be best to ensure you are using the proper technique to avoid damaging your muscles. You can also do warm-ups to ensure your muscles are strong for the game session. If you already have an injury, it would be best to take some time off from the field.  

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GERD is a health disorder with an extreme form of acid reflux, making your stomach contents go back into your throat, leading to tissue injury. Besides heartburn or burning sensation in your chest, GERD also causes hoarseness and increased coughing.  

To prevent acid reflux from resulting in GERD, you can take small frequent meals instead of large ones; this will help prevent your stomach from backing up. Besides, you can avoid trigger foods, and in most cases, they are citrus food or spicy foods. You can also consult your doctor to determine which foods may be causing your GERD.   

It will be best to cut down on your coffee and alcohol intake and avoid eating food a few hours before bedtime. Severe cases of GERD may require surgery to treat them.  


Hemorrhoids cause a lot of pain, itching, and discomfort in your anus. In extreme cases, it may cause rectal bleeding that freaks you out.  

Severe cases of hemorrhoids may require surgery. However, you can make lifestyle changes to prevent hemorrhoids, like increasing fiber consumption and drinking a lot of water throughout the day, which will keep your bowels moving and prevent any straining.  

Furthermore, exercise helps reduce constipation by shortening the time required for food to move through the large intestine. You can also use home remedies like using a lubricant laxative to minimize constipation and prolonged sitting in the toilet, which leads to enlarged hemorrhoids that may protrude from your anus, making you uncomfortable.


Your physical health needs to be intact to increase your productivity. Therefore, it would be best to research other ways to prevent the aforementioned diseases. You can also consult your nutritionist to help you develop an appropriate meal plan to help improve your health.